Not Enough Resources to have Private Meetings at Your Event?
MeetMax Concierge Desk® Service Is Your Solution.

Event Networking is Evolving

Do Your Events Keep Up?

A Turnkey Service for one on one meeting programs

We provide the technology, staff and experience necessary for successful events

MeetMax Connect Benefits

Get Business Done Efficiently

Happy Clients

Higher Event Value

MeetMax Connect How It Works

  • 1) You set aside space on your Exhibit Floor for the Meeting Area for us
  • 4) Attendees review, print, and track their schedules by using the MeetMax Mobile Conference Guide App
  • 2) Attendees are invited to join connect using our MeetMax technology
  • 5) MeetMax Concierge Desk® Monitors the meeting process and provides support
  • 6) On-site - People meet at pre-scheduled tables and conduct business
  • 3) Attendees view other attendee's profiles, request meetings and respond to invitations in their email

MeetMax Connect Top Features

Highly customizable for your event and sponsors

Attendees can make meeting requests prior to the event

MeetMax Concierge Desk® makes sure clients get the meetings they want

Experienced on site support & mobile solutions to manage the 1x1 program at your event

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